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High tech from Austria in Southeast Asia


FILL Machine Engineering Media Service January 2015

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High tech from Austria in Southeast Asia 
Strong demand for machines and systems from the Austrian market leader. Fill Machine Engineering exhibits for the first time at Indometal in Jakarta.

Jakarta/Gurten, 08 January 2015 – Fill Machine Engineering was represented for the first time at the Indometal trade fair in Jakarta, Indonesia from 11 to 13 December 2014. Together with its wholly-owned subsidiary, GIMA Cast GmbH, the company presented its GIMATEC 800/1000 low-pressure casting machine for the production of high-quality aluminum components. The innovative machine´s features include casting free from turbulence with highest levels of productivity and the production of several components in a single casting operation. Indonesia is one of the world´s largest economies, with enormous growth potential.

Emerging market
If economic researchers´ forecasts prove to be correct, then Indonesia´s rapid growth will make it one of the top 15 world economies within the next 20 years. The primary drivers behind this growth are the many suppliers of parts to the Japanese and Asian automotive industry. There is great demand for high-tech machines and systems in the field of metalworking (sheet metal, mechanical processing through to high-precision systems), casting technology, tooling, and mold-making. As a longstanding producer of machines and systems for the European automotive industry, Fill has made an excellent name for itself in this sector. This provides an additional boost for the company in developing the Indonesian market.

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Jörg A. Ronde, CEO of GIMA Cast (right), in discussions with interested parties at Indometal in Jakarta.

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