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Fill perfects lightweight aluminum construction in series production

Fill perfects lightweight aluminum construction in series production  

Automated production processes lead to more productivity and quality. Fill Machine Engineering shows new solutions at Aluminium 2014 in Düsseldorf.   

At Aluminium 2014 on 7-9 October this year, Fill Machine Engineering used the motto "The Art of Perfection" in presenting the latest developments in the processing of lightweight aluminum and metal components. Thanks to intelligent process chaining, series production is more precise and more productive. The Austrian machine engineering experts have taken an important step in the direction of efficiency in energy consumption and resource savings, while simultaneously increasing productivity, driving the development of lightweight automobile production forwards.  

Düsseldorf/Gurten, 23 October 2014 – "Good, but expensive" has always been the assumption when it came to lightweight construction in high-volume production. On the one hand, the automotive, aerospace, and alternative energy sectors are increasingly demanding lightweight solutions. Low weight, optimum material characteristics, and long service life are powerful arguments. But on the other hand, the industrial production of lightweight components is a highly complex affair with significant costs. "Our task is to develop new solutions that make industrial lightweight construction efficient and economically expedient. Our customers expect it of us," explains Wolfgang Rathner, CEO at Fill.

Bundling innovation
The syncromill c and syncromill d universal machining centers, low-pressure casting machines for high-productivity, turbulence-free casting for the manufacture of multiple parts in a single cast, and the IT-supported Efficiency Control Cockpit to record, store, and evaluate production data  – Fill presented an entire series of innovations in Düsseldorf. Leading-edge technology combined with economic viability that ensures a decisive advantage in production.

New profile technology business area presented
Fill also supports all production processes in the area of profile technology – from the idea to the finished part. To make this even more efficient in the future, Fill´s expertise, innovative technologies and many years of experience as a special machine builder have been bundled into the new profile technology business area. Complex processes are linked, always with an eye to total efficiency. Intelligent controllers simplify the operator´s work. Multifunction handling systems from Fill are capable of solving virtually every manipulation task involving semi-finished and finished parts. Versatile machining stations carry out all required operations with the highest level of precision - subject to customer requirements, either using flexible machining stations or application-specific units. In profile machining, all forming and punching processes are performed by advanced hydraulic presses with numerous additional functions.

Corporate data
Fill is a leading international machine and plant manufacturing company for diverse branches of industry. The family-owned business excels in the use of the latest technology and methods in management, communication, and production. Business operations encompass the fields of metal, plastics and wood for the automotive, aircraft, wind energy, sport and building industries The company is the global market leader in aluminum core removal technology and ski and snowboard production machines. Andreas Fill and Wolfgang Rathner are joint CEOs of the company founded in 1966 that is still completely family-owned and now has more than 630 employees. In 2013, the company recorded sales of almost 115 million Euros.

Further information can be found at: www.fill.co.at

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